Foundation Find - HissyFit Saving Face Foundation I Highlight, inc. My first new foundation pick for 2011 is Hissyfit Saving Face Foundation Foundation - and boy is this an all-in-one product if there ever was one! It comes in 15 shades and accomplishes 4 things - and very well I might add.

It's a hydrating formula (perfect for combination/dry and very dry skin), it not only has SPF and UVA/UVB protection, but an SPF of 50, it also provides light/medium coverage (including for use as a concealer), and last but not least, anti-aging ingredients to protect skin from cell damage...


OK, so what is the foundation actually like? Well the texture needs to be addressed first - it's unique in that it's slightly thick, and very concentrated, however it's very light in texture. What this means is that the effect when it is first applied to the skin is that it's slightly sticky.

Here's how to best apply the product for the best experience. Squeeze out about a pearl sized amount of the foundation in the palm of your hand (that's all you'll need - a little goes a long way). Now rub both hands together to "warm up" and liquefy and thin out the product a bit. Then apply with fingers. You can also do a variation of this with a beauty blender sponge slightly damp, or a foundation brush.

Once the product was on, (I used the shade Almond and got a great color match) I absolutely loved the finish and coverage it gave me. It Evened out my skin tone, adding just the right amount of coverage with a slight hint of dewiness. Even under the eyes it was able provide a nice concealer effect as well, and great if I was really in a rush and could not use any. The product truly stayed on all day with no weird white/gray cast from the high SPF, or additional oil.

This is really a brilliant product and perfect for so many of you out there - from those that need a quick all-in-one solution for easy am and/or travel makeup, those too lazy to apply SPF daily
and those that like to wear a foundation that provides coverage - but also great skin benefits. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Hissyfit PR for reviewing purposes., inc.

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