Natural Beauty Find - Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes, Inc. For my first new wipes find for 2011, I want to tell you about Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes

Not only are these a great option for all of you who prefer to use natural/organic products - it's actually an amazing wipe that also gives a portion of the profits to help the polar bears

The wipes are thin, but strong - and wet, but not overly saturated. I loved the scent - a really light, fresh, authentic citrus (scented with all natural ingredients), and contains skin calming ingredients like cucumber and aloe. I also loved how it gently cleansed my skin without stripping it - or leaving a film that would make me want to actually rinse with water. I always felt that this was a 1- step cleansing solution.

It does a great job of getting rid of long wear/water proof makeup (a second may be needed if you really wear a lot of makeup).

With the soft pack and peel top opening, for best results, store in a larger zip lock bag to avoid the wipes from drying out.

Admittedly the pack is on the small side (30 wipes) (hopefully a larger pack will be made available soon!), but that aside, I really loved using these and plan on having some on hand at all times! - RLB

Go-->Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes 30 Wipes, Inc.

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