Body Care Find - Yu-Be Heel + Elbow Moisturizing Sock One of the most popular winter skin care tips for dry, cracked skin on feet and heels is to moisturize and put on socks before bed.

But I'm not really a socks in the bed type of I never really got into that practice.

However, I recently heard amazing things about the Yu-Be Heel & Elbow moisturizing Sock, which is specially designed to work with their Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream to leave feet smooth, soft and perfectly moisturized (yes it works just as well for those of you who want beautiful elbows too!

Yu-Be Heel & Elbow Moisturizing Socks are made with a bacteria-absorbing material called Chitosan (pronounced Kite-uh-san) that is hypoallergenic and has the ability to help eliminate odor and promote healthy skin.

It was very easy to use. In the evenings I applied the Yu-Be moisturizing cream to my feet/elbows after a warm shower, then applied the sock (for elbows you just slide it it up from your wrist).

The cream does have a menthol scent, but after about 30 seconds or so it fades away. The combination of the cream with this special sock was really fantastic. Many times I left it on for only a few hours and saw remarkably softer, smoother and hydrated skin. Of course, if you really want to intensify the treatment and have baby soft feet/elbows, you can sleep overnight with it easily, as it's so lightweight you won't feel like you have a "normal" sock on.

I really love this product - it's my new little secret weapon to great skin - and it can be yours too! - RLB

1 pair per box - 1 size fits all, washable.

Go-->Yu-Be Heel + Elbow Moisturizing Sock

*This product was provided courtesy of Yu-Be PR for reviewing purposes.

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