Drugstore Buy of the Week - Yes to Cucumbers Face Cleansers Towelettes

Beauty.com Banish Beauty Blunders Here's another inexpensive wipe you'll love. Yes to Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes not only removed all my makeup (including eye makeup) gently and easily, but the wipes themselves are infused with a refreshing cucumber essence.

The wipes are oil free, so they're perfect for those of you with oily skin, or in a very hot/humid environment.
They left no sticky film on my skin and it left it very soft and hydrated at the same time. My face felt completely clean and fresh after using them. I also loved the fresh, authentic cucumber scent and cooling sensation which was never cloying or overbearing at all. The wipes contain no alcohol and they are made with 98% natural ingredients, so you can feel great about how the wipes are treating your skin.

Keep a pack of these in your gym bag, carry on bag for travel and an extra one in your home when you're too tired to do a cleansing with water! Perfect for women and men too. - RLB

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