Health and Wellness Find - Sensa Quench, inc. If you're looking to loose those last 5 lbs or so, or want to always have something healthy and satisfying to grab in between meals, the new SENSA Quench is the perfect energy drink to help you reach your goal.

SENSA Quench actually tastes fantastic There are two flavors Orange Crush and Pink Grapefruit. The Pink Grapefruit flavor tasted like actual pink grapefruit), with very little sugar substitute aftertaste.
It also really did provide a refreshing sensation and quenched not only my thirst, but hunger too! I would often take one around 3 or 4pm, prior to dinner, and had very little desire to snack afterwards. I also experienced a nice burst of energy and increased focus.

While there is some caffeine in it (about 1 cups worth in each packet), it never made me feel jittery or interfered with my sleep at night.
The small packets fit anywhere - pant pocket, jacket, travel bag, purse - so they are ideal for travel, the office and on the plane.

The drink only has 10 calories, is sugar-free and contains clinically proven, healthy ingredients to help increase energy and boost metabolism like
Maqui Berry - one of nature's most powerful antioxidants, Green Tea , which increases energy and enhances metabolism and Vitamins A, C, D, B6 & B12 to support nutritional needs.

Don't be caught without one or two of these little packs somewhere nearby - especially as warmer weather approaches! - RLB

Sensa Quench
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This product was provided courtesy of Sensa PR for reviewing purposes., inc.

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