Health and Wellness Find - Sprayology, inc. I first heard about Sprayology and their spray homeopathic and vitamin products a few years ago. I love the idea of sprays - so easy to use, carry and travel with!

Since then, the company has expanded the line to include some wonderful targeted formulas that I loved and wanted to share with you.

Three stand out products are the Body Balance, The Stress Relief and the PMS Support - all of which many of you may need from time to time.

The Body Balance is fantastic for keeping great energy and focus without any "caffeine jittery" feeling. I loved using it in the am and in the late evening when I needed another dose of energy to go back out, work , etc. The sprays (each bottle will direct you to how many are needed) are pumped under the tongue and while to do have a very herbal/grass like taste/smell for a moment, it passes quickly and there's no aftertaste.

The second spray I loved was Stress Relief, and this really did make me feel calm and balanced - not sleepy or tired. I liked using this in the evening before bed or sometimes even before an important work event in which I knew it would be particularly hectic!

The PMS Support was also a nice surprise - it really did keep my moods more even, cravings at a minimum and I felt there was much less water retention. I took this a few days before and during the cycle.

Now I'm an even bigger fan of the brand and I plan to branch out to some of their other products which also include multi-vitamin sprays, skin remedies, sleep enhancers, hangover helpers, cold ease sprays, and more. There really is a spray for practically everyone and every health concern. Check them out today! - RLB


*This product was provided courtesy of Sprayology PR for reviewing purposes., inc.

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