Impulse Buy of the Week - NARS Lamu Multiple

Trendy sunglasses from Swarovski NARS The Multiple Lamu is one of my favorite new NARS multiples. This one is a little different that most of them - it DOES HAVE glitter - not shimmer.

It's a beautiful warm bronze shade with peach tones enhanced by medium sized, slightly chunky, golden glitter. While it's not super over the top, some of you will either want to save this one just for evening, or target an area like eyes only for a less dramatic look in the day time.

At night I loved using it lightly on lips, eyes and cheeks (I happen to love glitter), but it's important to note that it's so pigmented that you only need a very light touch to get the effect. If you're going to wear it in the daytime, you can use a small q-tip or cream eye shadow brush and pat lightly on skin.
I loved how creamy smooth, easy to blend and hydrating this multiple was.

For night time or beach looks, you can get creative and use more. Try mixing some with a body oil or lotion for arms, legs and decolletage, adding directly on cheekbones or mixing with a liquid bronzer for the face.

If you're searching for a flattering bronzer with some glam to it - this is the product for you! - RLB

NARS The Multiple Lamu

Swarovski sunglasses

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