Miracle Skin Transformer by Sarah McNamara: The All-in-One Product For Pretty Skin!

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Despite my knack for multitasking (what can I say? I'm a busy gal!), I'm naturally skeptical of any beauty or hair product that claims to to do it all. Not to say I'm high-maintenance, but we all have our beauty woes, and as someone who's tried a lot of products that boast all sorts of miraculous results, I've yet to find something that really tackles everything -- and does it well. But as a beauty addict to the very core, I'm willing to give anything a shot, especially if it boasts so many lofty results. Let's see what you got!

That being said, Sarah McNamara's Miracle Skin Transformer might not perform magic on my skin, but it's pretty darn awesome. I hate the heavy feeling of too many different products on my face, especially in the warmer weather -- moisturizer, SPF, primer, concealer, powder, etc. -- and this product slims down the list dramatically. While I did still find the need to prep with a light moisturizer on my especially flaky spots, I love how it performed as a primer, face makeup, and de-shining product in one, and totally made my skin look smoother, more even, and significantly lessened the appearance of my large pores. I also like that the formula is lightweight enough that I can choose to either wear it alone for more casual days, or take along a sheer powder with me for touch-ups throughout the day and still not feel like it's too caked on. A miracle? Maybe not... but my new favorite skin care product -- YES!

- Alex Gambardella

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