Smart Beauty: 5 Custom Color-Changing Products!

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

When I take the risk to stray from my tried-and-true arsenal of favorite beauty products and actually opt to try something new, I could spend forever standing in the makeup aisle shopping for just the right shade. But hey, it's 2011 -- shouldn't special, futuristic makeup technology be able freakishly figure out the perfect shade for us by now? The answer is YES, and these intuitive custom color makeup products are making it easier for us perfectionists to get just the right shade for our skin tones without all the frustrating time spent using up all the tester shades in the store!

For starters, Josie Maran Matchmaker Serum Foundation applies white and then instantly adjusts to suit your natural skintone, neutralizing imperfections and creating a more even, streak-free complexion. Ulta Color Instincts has a similar neutral-to-custom-color application, but with more precise sub-categories for light, medium, and darker complexions. Choosing the right complexion-flattering blush is also tricky, so Stila helps facilitate the process with their Custom Color Blush, which uses pH-based powder to adjust to your perfect shade! For lips, Smashbox Intuitive Lip Plumper reacts to your own skin's chemistry to create your own personal shade of pink, while Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Lip & Cheek Balm "harmonizes" with your natural lip and cheek tones for a customized flush!

- Alex Gambardella

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