Fragrance Find - Lim Ed. Victor & Rolf FlowerBomb La vie en Rose

Eve Lom Debuts Skincare Serums I have to admit that I never tried the original version of Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb scent simply because I had imagined with "bomb" in the name it would just be much too strong for me...

Well, flash forward to this spring 2011 when I had the opportunity to try the 2011 limited edition Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose Sparkling edition, specially formulated for warmer weather. It's a lighter version of the original perfume with more citrus at the top of the scent.

I have to tell you not only did this end up being right up my ally - I found myself reaching for it almost every day! It's now one of my go-to spring/summer scents.

This scent really does pack a punch - but in a completely good way! (LOL). The opening notes are just divine - sparkling, crisp lemon, tangerine and bergamot which I love. Then the scent began to morph into something much stronger - but not overbearing. I began to pick up the rose and lily of the valley, which mixed quite well with the pink peppercorn notes. I loved the warm, comforting slightly sweet musks and woody notes which appeared in the dry down as well.

What a beautiful scent! This is great for outdoor weekends out on the town, and evenings as well. - RLB

Go--> Available at Saks and Sephora stores nationwide.

Fragrance Notes: bergamot, tangerine accords, rose and lily-of-the-valley, pink peppercorns. amber, cashmere and patchouli.

A sample of this product was provided by Victor + Rolf PR for reviewing purposes.

Eve Lom Debuts Skincare Serums

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Unknown said...

Flowerbomb is my go-to fragrance (even though I worked with other fragrance brands. . .oops), so I'm ecstatic to hear that there is a sister fragrance to help me transition into the spring. Can't wait!