Health + Wellness Find - Borba Skin Balance Crystalline Antioxidant Drink Mix

A powdered drink that helps skin regulate oil, reduce breakouts, provide a beautiful glow and improve the appearance of pores?

No, you're not just reading things, this is the real deal. Borba Skin Balance Crystalline Antioxidant Drink Mix is now 1 of my (not so secret any more) weapons to great skin!

Borba Skin Balance Crystalline Antioxidant Drink contains a special vitamin complex and a scientifically designed blend of nutrients to help skin improve clarity. It contains pomegranate, goji berry and cranberry, and is high in Antioxidants Vitamin C & E and 4 essential B vitamins.

Not only does this drink taste fantastic (not too sweet or with a sugar substitute aftertaste), but it also has 0 calories and 0 carbs! The packets are fantastic to travel with or toss in a bag for a afternoon pick me up drink or an after gym replenishment.

After just a week of drinking each day I noticed less oil in my t-zone, and an overall improved tone in my skin. With continued use, I very rarely got my occasional break outs on my forehead area and could really see a beautiful glow, brighter skin and improved texture overall each day.

The difference was significant enough that on several locations I went without any foundation/tinted moisturizer and a few people commented on what great "makeup" I was wearing!

The packs are on the pricey side, but I for one am sold and will always have these on hand. I think it's a great companion to your skincare routine to really give your skin the winning edge. - RLB

Borba Skin Balance Crystalline Antioxidant

*This product was provided courtesy of Borba PR for reviewing purposes.

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