Nail Polish Find - Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Real Nail Polish Strips, inc. I've shared with you over the last year or so some nice nail sticker products, but these have definitely taken the category to a whole new level.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips are exactly what they sound like - real nail polish (in awesome and fun designs!) that has been applied to a thin, flexible nail-shaped strip with a sticky back to press on to the real nail bed.

The box comes with 16 nail polish strips, orange stick and a small nail file. There are 24 different colors/designs (some glitter based, some solid colors, and some nail designs) so there's definitely something for everyone. The strips come in several different sizes, to accommodate all nail bed sizes, which is great.

The steps are clearly illustrated on the included instructions. You simply pick the strips that best fit your nails, peel off the sticky strips on the back and apply to the nail. The last step is to peel of the clear top coat and then the nail file to smooth off the excess strip. The orange stick comes in handy to press down the sides of the strip to secure it to the nail.

I did like how easy the steps were, but it should be noted that this process does take significantly longer than to apply traditional nail polish, especially the first time you do it. I would say it took me about 15 min or so the first time to get it just right.

However, what you may spend in time applying on the front end, you will certainly makeup for in maintenance, as my strips definitely lasted over a 7 days with no chipping at all, and then I went on to my second week, and only then did I start to see the strips wearing down slightly on the sides and top of my nails - amazing! The strips come off with nail polish remover (don't try to peel them off!).

If you've been curious about trying out some nail art, are going to be traveling and want a no-maintenance manicure while on the road, or are just up for a new nail experience (that won't break the bank) - give these a try! - RLB

No DPB, Toluene or Formaldehyde

Go--> Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips, Cut it Out 220 (shown above) $9.99

*This product was provided by Sally Hansen PR for reviewing purposes., inc.

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