Natural Beauty Find - EOS Hand Lotion, inc. EOS has impressed me with both their lip balms and their shaving creams, so the moment I saw the modern, sleek convenient little packages for their new hand lotions I knew I was in for a treat!

I found the slightly curved, lightweight orb (about 2.5 by 3"in), with a flip top cap, adorable and easy to put into any bag (or back pocket). The lotion itself was very moisturizing and lightweight, with a silky texture. The cucumber scent is very fresh and light - a lovely one!

I liked using this before a quick at home manicure or while on the go during the day. The formula was never greasy and absorbed instantly. It was great for my cuticles and nails as well, thanks to the natural aloe and Shea butter which the lotion is infused with.

It's also a 97% all natural formula like their other products - yay! - Pick up a few of these pronto... - RLB

Go--> Everyday Hand Lotion - Cucumber Scent, inc.

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