Online Beauty Tool - IMAN Find Your Shade Guide, inc. If you've ever had trouble finding just the right shade of red, orange, yellow, olive/green or even blue/purple tones in your foundation for a perfect match - the answer is here!

IMAN Cosmetics has created a new Find Your Shade guide to IMAN Foundations and Powders. IMAN has taken all the guess work out of matching your exact shade. This selection guide is geared toward all women of color and features relateable, real women.

Now with the click of a button, you have your very own virtual beauty adviser. Simply select the skin tone closest to your complexion and find all the IMAN face products that compliment your unique skin tone.

No complexion is ever too hard to match within these three easy shade ranges: SAND if you are a light golden tone. CLAY if you are medium olive to light brown. EARTH if you are medium to deep brown.

I'm an EARTH 1 and it's always a perfect match! P.S. IMAN Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup is my go to foundation when doing my own makeup for photo shoots and television:) - RLB

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