Prep Hair For a Style That Sticks with a Hairstyle Primer!

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You may think you have all your bases covered when it comes to beauty priming products -- face primer, eyeshadow primer, even lipstick primer -- but did you know that some of our favorite hair care brands have developed prepping products even for your 'do? Anyone who doesn't have an enviably easy wash-and-go natural hairstyle knows that creating your perfect style is one task, but it's a whole other challenge altogether to get it to survive throughout the day.

Hair prepping products not only help protect your style from heat damage and weather woes like sun, wind, and chemicals, but also help seal in moisture and lock your 'do down so that it's more likely to stay put throughout the day, whether you're rockin' curls, waves, or trying to tame your mane into staying stick-straight! Normally the last thing I'd want to do is make my morning hair routine even longer with an additional step, but hair primers realistically save you time (not to mention help you take better care of your tresses) by eliminating multiple touch-ups throughout the day. Count me in!

From left to right: Bumble and bumble Prep, ALTERNA Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Mist, Sally Hershberger Style Primer, Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist, and Jonathan Product Prep Spray.

- Alex Gambardella

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