Beauty Book Find - NARS Make Up Your Mind - Express Yourself, Inc. If you're a makeup lover, makeup pro or even a makeup novice, you must pick up Francois Nars' latest beauty book, Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself.

The layout of the book stays true to Nars' original beauty book, Makeup Your Mind which featured models in before-and-after shots, with detailed overlays on photos describing all the products and locations they were used on the faces.

This time around the layout of the book is again beautiful but the pictures are of real people that were plucked from the street with a wide range of looks, ages, ethnic groups and skin tones (there are even a few men included). In each photo the people have their hair pulled back, which allowed me to really focus on the features, skin texture and face shapes upon which the makeup was applied.

The looks that are featured throughout the book are creative and in the "Nars style" - but are very wearable and as such, fantastic inspiration no matter who you are! The book includes not only every product and shade used on each person, but in what location on the face via the transparent overlays.

In addition to the makeup looks that dominate the book, there are also some nice basic skincare, makeup tools and makeup theory information included in the beginning of the book for those of you who are newer to makeup or just need more tips on how to apply it better. A must have for your "beauty library" - RLB

Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself

*A press review copy of this book was provided for reviewing purposes., Inc.

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