Drugstore Buy of the Week - Sally Hansen Vit-A Lip Smoother

Sally Hansen has introduced a new lip product which not only looks super cool - it's one you'll find yourself reaching for time after time.

Sally Hansen Vita A Lip Line Smoother is a pretty peach color housed in a clear Lucite-inspired, modern tube (that makes it look much more expensive that it really is by the way).

The balm goes on clear, and has a soft, peach scent (very authentic), with no flavor. The smooth feel of this balm was just heavenly to apply. It is very thin and has a slightly oily texture that is perfect for lips. There wasn't any stickiness After applying the balm, the oils soaked right into my lips, so it was a perfect base for lipstick. It has a semi-glossy finish if used on it's own. I found that my lipstick and my lips in general did have a smoother, more even appearance after using it.

Please note that since this is designed more to plump up lip lip lines, if you have very dry lips and/or require more intense, long lasting hydration, they have several other lip balms like their Sally Hansen Vita B Lip Moisturizer, Berry which might be better suited to your needs.

This is one I'll be sure always have on hand! - RLB

Go-->Sallyhansen.com and most drugstores nationwide.

*This product was provided courtesy of Sally Hansen PR for reviewing purposes.

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