5 Style-Extending Products For Hot Summer Hair!

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If you're one of those effortless messy bun or haphazard ponytail types during the summer, or are fortunate enough to have low-maintenance hair that allows you to just jump out of the shower and bolt out the door, I don't blame you for having a casual, little-effort approach towards hot-weather hair. After all, the summer heat, humidity, and damaging sun can really take its toll on a more carefully-constructed coif. But that doesn't mean it's okay for your hair to fall flat when you do take the extra time and effort to make your hair look special for an occasion. To combat the destructive factors that can wreak havoc on your summer 'do, I've compiled 5 of the best style-extending hair products to keep your look intact!

If you're looking to boost limp curls, get your hands on Kiehl's Weightless Curl Defining Spray, which gives you that naturally tousled look all day long without making your hair feel weighed-down or sticky, or alternatively, keep that flat-iron work fresh, no heat required, with Living Proof Straight Spray! To battle humidity all around, no matter what your style, spritz hair with Alterna Bamboo Anti-Humidity Hair Spray, or Blow's protein-infused Non-Stick Hair Spray which keeps your flouncy blow-out looking fresh no matter how sweltering the summer heat! And finally, keep hair shiny, lush, and color-rich all summer long with Alterna's Sun Recovery Spray, which infuses moisture into sun-dried hair and keeps your color on lock!

- Alex Gambardella

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