Bath & Body Works’ Mini Scent Stackers For Summer Spritzing!

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I'll admit it -- up until this weekend, I hadn't been inside a Bath & Body Works since junior high when I first started experimenting with buying my own makeup. And by "makeup," I mean cotton candy flavored lip gloss. Maybe it was the fact that I had graduated to more inclusive beauty stores like Sephora and Ulta, or maybe it was just the fact that stepping inside Bath & Body Works always seemed to give me an instant headache with all the mixed and mingled scents happening at the same time.

Either way, I'm glad I wandered in recently after all these years, because otherwise I wouldn't have discovered the adorably portable
Scent Stackers mini fragrances! Designed to mix, match, and stack (but not wear together!), these mini versions of the brand's top scents not only smell light and pretty -- perfect for summer -- but they're also ridiculously convenient for throwing in your beach tote, messenger bag, or gym satchel for touch-ups throughout the day! Gift them for summer birthdays or cute hostess gifts, or start your own mini collection and stack 'em up on your dresser at home!

- Alex Gambardella

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Venetian Beauty Reviews said...

they all look nice. I wonder what kind of scent and smell they can offer. I wish they are not kinda strong to the nose.

morangão said...

seems to be awesome!