Beauty Find - Mustela Facial Cleansing Wipes, inc. I suggest you treat your skin to the wonderful, soothing cleansing properties that babies have been experiencing for years with Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths.

These wipes are pre-moistened and fairly large. I was able to use them on both sides and they were very sturdy, so they never ripped or tore while I was using them. They are also perfect for use around the eyes and for sensitive or dry skin. The lovely Mustela signature scent is always a winner for me, and loved it on the wipes - a bit of fresh cucumber and some light, vaguely baby powder, notes.

The wipes left my skin feeling so soft, fresh and clean, while also doing a great job of removing my eye makeup (even waterproof!). Unlike some wipes, after cleansing I didn't feel the need to rinse my face or feel I had any sort of film left on my skin. The package is a very convenient soft pack with a snap top opening in addition to the resealable plastic closure to keep them fresh and moist.

These are perfect for travel when you want to freshen up on a flight, after the gym, a day at the beach or just removing makeup from the day to re-apply for a night out.
Trust me when I tell you that you should always have a pack of these on hand - or two if you also have a little one! :) - RLB

Go--> Mustela Facial Cleansing Cloths 25 Cloths

*This product was provided courtesy of Mustela PR for reviewing purposes., inc.

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Elite Eye Serum said...

I use wet tissue in wiping my oily and greasy face. Especially during taping or when I am traveling. I use a scented wet tissue to add smell.