Budget Beauty Find - Vitabath Lime Citron Basil Gelée:

drugstore.com, inc. The classic bath products brand, Vitabath, has given their product line a refreshing update with the introduction of the new Lime Citron Basil Gelée. It's a refreshing and hydrating body wash with an amazing scent which melds lime (I happen to LOVE lime), citron, sweet basil and patchouli notes beautifully.

First, off, this new gelee is HUGE at 38oz and the body wash is extremely concentrated, so only a few quarter-sized dollops were needed for me to get an amazingly rich lather in the shower. This will last you (and/or your family/friends), several months for sure. I also loved how the scent lingered a bit on my body, and indeed, in the bathroom as well! - RLB

Go-->Lime Citron Basil Gelée will be available exclusively at Costco locations beginning in June.

*This product was provided courtesy of Vitabath PR for reviewing purposes.

drugstore.com, inc.

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