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Michael Van Clarke  Bestselling Haircare, Exclusive to Space NK The new Coach Poppy fragrance is a BIG fruity party of a scent...but if you're game - this is the spring/summer fragrance for you!

Coach Poppy is definitely one of those scents that just made me "feel good" - it's light, sparkling and yes - fruity but very balanced and as a result, a great perfume.

The opening notes are lightly citrus and floral with jasmine, gardenia and grapefruit notes, with a gradual fruitiness in the scent that brought to mind bits of cherry and strawberry, along with pineapple from the candied rose petal notes. Then came in some lovely vanilla and rose notes over time.

Overall, the balance of this scent is spot on - it's got the right mix of fruitiness, unique florals and lightness (thanks to the fresh cucumber) and in a surprise, a beautiful light, soft, non-fruity dry down which I loved. The finish on Poppy is a musky, vanilla liqueur mix that never gets too sweet or too heavy,
making it a great choice for teens, early twenties - and of course the young at heart.

The staying power of Poppy was also another strong point - a few spritzes in the morning lasted over 8 hours later, with that dry down making it into an almost completely different scent.

The bottle, top and bow are just adorable and a lovely piece of eye candy for your dresser too! - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Coach PR for reviewing purposes.

Michael Van Clarke  Bestselling Haircare, Exclusive to Space NK

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