Hair Care Find - Rickys Anti-Frizz Jumbo Comb

Last summer I shared one of my favorite hair care finds, which was the Anti-Frizz comb line from Rickys NY beauty stores. The combs use a patented technology which actually bakes in smoothing oils into the comb.

While combing the hair, these oils are deposited on to the hair and help control frizz, add shine and detangle wet hair.
The comb is made with a special process of baking olive oil within the plastic.

This comb makes hair dry faster, eliminates frizz, and is anti-static. It adds a natural soft shine ti the hair without giving it an oily feeling.
It's a must have for curly girls, or those of you with very thick/long hair prone to frizz.

The Jumbo Comb has teeth that are spaced even farther apart and is twice as big as their other detangler comb. This version is a dream to use on curly, very curly and kinky hair, and perfect for detangling or combing conditioner treatments and masks through hair. Buy a few of these and you'll be set for the summer! - RLB

Rickys Anti Frizz Jumbo Comb

*This product was provided courtesy of Rickys NY for reviewing purposes.


Anonymous said...

I bought the smaller one last year as soon as I read your review! I love it!;-))

Melonie said...

Oh and Sally's has one as well! I bought them both to compare, I like Ricky's better!

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