Fragrance Find - Scottish Fine Soaps Scented Drawer Liners, Inc. I've discovered a beautiful scented product from a fantastic European bath and body company called Scottish Fine Soaps.

Their Poetica scent is one of their best - it's a beautiful, heady blend of fruity, floral and spicy notes. Just a few drops of their bath gel or EDP can seriously take you away to a relaxing mental place!

Within the Poetica line are scented drawer
liners, which carry a slightly diffused version of the fragrance. They're not only beautifully scented, but packaged as well in a bright yellow/white box ready for gift giving.

Why not line your lingerie, tee-shirt and hosiery drawers as these are
the perfect solution for those hot, sticky days when all you want is just a light whiff of a fragrance. Then, all you have to do is put on your foundation pieces and you've got a beautiful scent on and around you during the day - no spritzing or rubbing in creams involved! -RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of Scottish Fine Soaps PR for reviewing purposes., Inc.

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