Pineapple-Scented Skin Care For Piña Colada Primping!

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Beat the heat with a refreshing pineapple-scented beverage.. for the bath! These piña colada-themed lotions, scrubs, and skin care products let you indulge in summer style, sans the calories of a fruity frou-frou drink (plus you won’t look like a total lush)! Aside from being refreshing and summer-festive, pineapple enzymes also help brighten the skin, working to slough off dull, dry skin to reveal a more radiant complexion! Add some nourishing vitamins, natural exfoliators, and soothing properties like aloe and vetivert, and you’ve got yourself your new go-to summer beauty product.

Turn your shower into a tropical escape with a natural pineapple-infused natural soap, soothe sunburned skin with a pineapple-scented body balm, or slough away dry, dead skin with an invigorating, body-brightening scrub. Whatever way you choose to indulge, you’re bound to love pineapple products!

Pictured above: H2O Plus Pina Passion Body Balm, Lush Pineapple Grunt Soap, 100% Pure Organic Juicy Pineapple Body Scrub, Kiehl’s Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub, and Alba Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser.

- Alex Gambardella

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