Pixi Lip Twin: Succulent Color & Balm That Packs a Punch!

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

I have an addiction and I'm not afraid to admit it... and it's lip products. But not any specific kind, like gloss or lipstick. I'll collect anything and everything -- any color, any formula, any level of shine, from non-existent matte to pearlescent and glitter-fied. On any given day, you can open up my handbag and find a slew of lip products -- usually a few or more balms to wear under a handful of different glosses, stains, or sticks (hey, I never know what kind of lip product mood I might be in at any given point in the day and I like to be prepared)!

But if there's one thing I like even more than buying several different lip products, it's buying multi-tasking multipurpose products! Enter Pixi Succulent Lip Twin -- an adorable two-in-one moisturizing balm and lip tint to help us lip-loving beauty addicts slim down the load of makeup in our purse (if we can bear to cut back)! Inside the tube is a nourishing balm with aloe vera, shea butter, and vitamin E for moisture and protection, while the unique lip tint found in the cap (which can also double as a cheek tint, by the way!) boasts beautiful skin-brightening color for a pretty summer flush!

- Alex Gambardella


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