Sunscreen For Nails: For Fingers That Won’t Fade!

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It may sound crazy, but while you've been searching high and low, looking up all the necessary SPFs to keep your skin, hair, lips, nose, and what-not protected against the harsh summer rays, did you know that you were probably missing one vital area that needs protection? Your nails! Yes, your polished tips could actually use some sunscreen as well as all exposed areas of your epidermis... even if the reasons are only cosmetic rather than health-based.

The latest
sunscreen-infused top coats for your nails are designed to help preserve your polish color as long as possible while also delivering shine and protecting against chipping, per usual. With special non-yellowing formulas that still tout a high-gloss finish, you can ensure that your manicure won't budge or fade -- so you can be sure that coral polish will still match the bright accents in your brand-new tribal-printed maxi dress no matter how long you're sipping margaritas in the sunny outdoors!

Pictured above: Deborah Lippmann 'On a Clear Day' Top Coat, Orly Primetime Primer Nail Treatment, and Fingerpaints Top Coat.

- Alex Gambardella

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Ugochi @ Beauty 365 said...

nice! i guess sunblock on nails makes sense!