Beauty Innovation - Sephora Collection Magic Brush Wand Brand Banner A recent little spin through Sephora resulted in one of the best makeup brush finds - ever!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Brush Wand is not only just $10 but a well thought-out solution as to how to carefully take/pack or store multiple brushes with a little space/weight as possible.

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Brush Wand is only about 5"in long and made up of four detachable brushes that are held together magnetically to form a "wand" to apply eye makeup (brushes are not for lips/cheeks). It works like this: each of the four brushes can snap into a single brush, and the each brush head can be changed for when you need it. The brushes include an eye shadow brush, eye liner brush, smudge brush and a flat angle brush.

You have to admit, when you're traveling, rushing out of the door in the morning or need a quick touch up after a gym work out, this is one of the best tools to have - so click now and pick yours up! - RLB Brand Banner


socialitedreams said...

wow that's so convenient! thanks for posting, had never seen this

Vonnie of Socialite Dreams

My Beauty Bunny said...

That is cool! Like a screwdriver kit. :) Do you know if it's made with synthetic bristles?