Beauty Innovation - Solise Body Wash and Sunscreen All In One If you love 2-in-1 products as much as I do, this new product is about as good as it gets.

Solise Body Wash and Sunscreen is a sunscreen product that is contained within the body wash. All you have to do is shower, rinse off - and you're done!
Note: The product's SPF is 15, so if you're going to be outside for an extended period of time or in a very sunny climate, you may still want to apply additional sunscreen however. (The product also comes in a hand wash version.)

The way this ingenious body wash works is that the sunscreen particles in the product actually bind to the skin, which allows you to be able to rinse it off and have only the sunscreen left behind on the skin!

The body wash is a med/thick cream formula, has a very faint soft fragrance, is low sudsing, and cleans gently. I applied it to lightly damp skin, working it into my skin in a circular motion similar to putting on lotion. After I rinsed, I felt a slight layer of product on my skin, but after drying off, it was all but undetectable and dry to the touch with no stickiness or greyish cast. The best part is the body wash is also moisturizing, so if you're really on the go, there's no need for additional moisturizer, which means all you need to do is get dressed and you're ready.

Please note that this product needs the normal amount of time on your skin before it becomes effective, so it's best to shower at least 20-25 minutes before your sun exposure.

I highly suggest getting a few of these, especially if you have little ones. As a matter of fact, it was created by a father, Dale Lillard, who needed to protect his kids from the strong Arizona sun without them having to use multiple products. -RLB

*This product was provided courtesy of Solise PR for reviewing purposes.

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