Celebrity Fragrance Find - Katy Perry Purr


First off, yes I do happen to like the Purr By Katy Perry purple cat bottle...but that may be up for debate with many of you...

Purr By Katy Perry is a scent that is fun and "fruity" for sure, but light, summery in feel and very likable (whether or not you're "into" celebrity scents).

The scent opens with a equally bright blend of sweet and citrus notes that soon became a very noticeable vanilla essence. Then there were "peeks" of green and light floral notes throughout the day.

The scent is very "long living" on the skin, but not one that is overpowering in any way (it lasted more than 8 hours on me). The dry down is very nice - a pretty, warm, sandalwood scent with touches of that creamy vanilla, along with coconut and musk.

This scent is very versatile and one that your friends and your significant other will equally appreciate it - perfect for the office, a weekend or a night out on the town. - RLB

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Fragrance Notes:

Top: Peach, forbidden apple, gardenia and green bamboo.
Middle: Heart of jasmine, pink freesia and Bulgarian rose.
Base: Vanilla orchid, creamy sandalwood, white amber, coconut and musk.

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