Cindy Sherman For MAC Doesn’t Skimp On Color!

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Other than having a day off for Labor Day, there are plenty of reasons to dread the month of September. Going back to school, chilly fall weather, the end of carefree summer beach days, etc. However, renowned photography, filmmaker, and all-around bad-ass artist Cindy Sherman, along with MAC Cosmetics, may turn your autumn blues around!

The Cindy Sherman for MAC collection hits shelves September 29th and draws inspiration from three kooky characters or "faces," each of which has their own color story with corresponding lipsticks, shadows, and pigments to match. With such an impressive variety of colors and finishes, from pastels to neons and mattes to ultra-shimmers, this collection hopes to inspire makeup collectors to create their own larger-than-life looks while still leaving plenty of room for your own imagination as the artist! I love the sensible-yet-chic khaki green and navy pigments as well as the color-rich fuchsias and oranges, but I'll have to see the collection in person before I decide if they're worth the splurge! One thing's for sure -- this much-anticipated collection won't last long!

- Alex Gambardella

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