How to Minimize Scarring after a Cosmetic Procedure

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While we mainly talk about fantastic beauty products for face, hair and body here at Palacinka Beauty Blog, some of you may have also made the decision to incorporate cosmetic surgery procedures, like breast surgery, into your overall beauty regimen. One of the biggest concerns for many women after a cosmetic procedure is scarring. This article speaks to the facts about scarring and what methods there are to minimize it.

One of the biggest concerns that people tend to have before making the decision to undergo breast surgery is what kinds of scarring effects they are risking. People do not want to bother making significant surgical body changes if they are going to have unattractive scars on the affected body parts.
Fortunately, one benefit of the general advancement of medicine and improvement of surgical methods is that simply the surgeon’s talent can usually minimize scarring.

However, if you are considering surgery and want to know what you can do to help minimize scarring, you should read the tips offered on websites like Here are a few things to know, to get you started. First of all, there is not simply one way to get breast augmentation surgery.

There are multiple types of surgery, and different methods by which they are performed. Therefore, the different surgeries can involve different types of incisions, on different parts of the body. Incisions can be made on the underside of the breasts, at the armpit, along the rim of the areola, or even, believe it or not, at the belly button. If your particular procedure allows you a choice between these different incision methods, you will be able to have some sway over what type of scarring you end up with. For example, an incision on the areola is more likely to blend in and leave a less visible scar, whereas one on the underside of the breasts will likely be more visible.

One thing mentioned specifically on that most people would likely be surprised to hear is that smoking can keep your scars from healing. Essentially, this is because smoking decreases the oxygen flow throughout your body; because wounds need oxygen to heal properly, smoking may therefore keep your scars from healing as well as they naturally should. Aside from refraining from smoking, you will mostly just want to follow your doctor’s directions and your own common sense. Do not remove bandaging prematurely, do not pick at your incision or handle your breasts immediately after surgery, and you will likely heal efficiently.

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