Impulse Buy of the Week - Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Silver My Skin

Nars Bridal Palette Exclusive 125x125 Unlike many fragrance lovers, I'm actually quite new to the Jean Paul Gualtier Classique scent. I think it's fun that each year he creates a new limited-edition bottle based on his famed "woman shaped bottle" inside of the signature huge aluminum tin can which houses the perfume.

This is perfect for those of you seeking a sexy, sensual scent that also has a side of fun and lightheartedness as well. The summer 2011 version of the Classique scent is called Classique Silver My Skin. It has a bright salmon pink bottle with a metallic finish and fun salmon pink and silver lettering all over a beautiful corset encasing the shape of a voluptuous woman. This year's version of the scent is for a perfume bottle collector without question!

The opening notes of this scent come through in a major burst of fruit - orange, plum, pear and mandarin. The fruity citrus element lingers for a while before settling into the floral notes of rose, iris, and orchid and, at the same time, turning much spicier. The whole scent remained light and airy, perfect for summer and early fall.

I found the dry down's notes turned it into something much more sophisticated as it continued to wear on my skin.
The amber, vanilla and musk worked very well together and gave it a different dimension, while never creating a super heavy or too sweet scent. It's definitely a scent in which someone will "know it's you" - and will smile while thinking about it. - RLB

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*This product was provided courtesy of JPG PR for reviewing purposes.

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