The Muppets (& OPI) Want to Give You a Holiday Manicure!

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If you're a child of the 80s, you may have a soft spot in your heart for Kermit, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppet gang. And in turn, you're likely secretly super stoked for the upcoming Muppets movie starring Amy Adams and Jason Segel coming out this upcoming holiday season. But does that mean they have any business invading your favorite nail trends?! Sure, it seems like anything goes lately when it comes to the haute manicure hues of the moment (whether dark and dramatic, neon, or nude - it's hard to keep up!), but an OPI Muppets collection for Holiday 2011? Really?

The 13-piece collection (including a special-edition gold crackle shade!), is a big one even for the nail color bigwig, which churns out multiple collections each season. And despite it's off-the-wall inspiration, the selection of shades is surprisingly quite well-rounded, representing both practical and whacky shades alike. Including 6 different interpretations of red (after all, tis the season!), ranging from sparkly fiery shades to stark dramatic plums, as well rainbow glitter, the collection switches up literal translations of your favorite Muppets (sparkly Gonzo blue and a copper Fozzie-inspired shade) with fashion-forward colors to suit your favorite holiday parties. What do you think - will you be staking out this new collection when it hits shelves this fall?

- Alex Gambardella

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