Celebrate Coco Chanel's (Belated) Birthday With Chanel's Fall Nail Collection

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Coco Chanel, one of the most beloved and sought-after names in fashion of all time, would have celebrated her 128th birthday on August 19th. If only the world was blessed enough to still have the Queen of Chic walk among us -- after all, fabulosity deserves a few extra decades on the planet, no? However, while we may never have the pleasure of rubbing elbows with her or receiving direct fashion advice from her, we fashionistas can still celebrate her legacy in other ways - in the form of Chanel's latest Nail Colour collection, for example! Sure, Chanel herself may have never had a hand in selecting the three latest on-trend shades for fall (or any of them, for that matter), but we'd think she'd approve of their effortless cool factor and unconventional, not-so-girly chicness.

We love these amped-up neutrals, which seem to incorporate both earthy shades but with a metallic, other-worldy finish to step things up from last fall's military-inspired khakis and greige.
Graphite puts a sparkly charcoal spin on the ever-popular Black Satin that sold out almost instantly a couple years ago, while Quartz manages to give taupe a sexy silvery sheen. Most eye-catching of the three is certainly Peridot, which is a gorgeous gold-green holographic shade for those who aren't afraid to rock green nails! Any of these shades catch your eye? Be prepared to stalk them, as I'm sure they won't last on the shelves for long!

- Alex Gambardella

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