Kim Kardashian Goes Gilded For Gold Fragrance

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Kim Kardashian may be a newlywed, but this beauty idol and businesswoman wont let even wedding bliss slow her down in the professional world! Her latest signature scent, Gold, just hit the department store shelves and online markets with a sultry ad campaign to match! The scent is designed to encapsulate the reality star's glamorous and successful life, and like gold itself, serve as a symbol of sophistication and sexiness.

While I'm not convinced that I'll instantly have the ability to channel Kim's seductiveness allure with just a spritz (though I'm sure that's what she wants me to think!), the idea of even just mentally escaping into Kim's world through a simple whiff of her latest fragrance does sound pretty appealing! The scent blends spicy pink peppercorn and tart grapefruit with floral notes of rose and violet for a perfect blend of dramatic and sultry but still soft and feminine. The new fragrance retails at $65 for a 3.4 oz bottle, which is reasonable, but is it worth it?

What say you - would you pay the price to smell like the world's most famous reality star?

- Alex Gambardella

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