NY Beauty Destination - Brow Shaping at Ten over Ten Salon

drugstore.com About six months ago I discovered a fantastic new nail salon called Ten over Ten (a nod to the amount of fingers and toes we have).

This modern, second floor getaway located in Tribeca not only offers amazing manicures and pedicures but also allows you to use ipads placed at every nail station and browse the internet while your getting them done.

The salon is owned by Adair
Ilyinsky and Nadine Ferber, who wanted to create a service oriented, warmer, more personal version of the Manhattan corner nail salon. I loved the $20 signature manicure and $35 signature pedicure which include moisturizing massages and a up-to-the minute selection of luxury and niche nail polish brands, including CHANEL, NARS, RGB and more.

I recently returned for a brow shaping session with their in-house brow specialist, Jimena Garcia. She suggested a process that I had only heard about but never considered before - brow tinting. The tint, which is custom blended for each customer, helps to define the brow by picking up the lighter hairs surrounding the brow. The tinting process, combined with her expert waxing, technique resulted in beautiful brows.

Afterwards, I interviewed
Jimena (one of the most knowledgeable people I've met in the beauty industry on eye brows), and below is her take on brow tinting and brow shaping. - RLB

RLB: How often does the eye brow tint need to be touched up? Any differences in the tinting process for very light brows?

-The frequency in tinting eyebrows depends on the hair type. Generally (most eyebrow hair) the tint can last up to 7-8 weeks but if the hair type is thin/smooth it can be less and if the hair type is thick/coarse it can last longer.

-If the eyebrows are lighter in color the difference in process would be leaving the hair die on for a longer time.

-Timing how long the die is on the brow is a great way to control tone/color, you can go from dark to light, usually using the colors brown, black, blue black or red. You are also able to mix these color as well to make the perfect tone/color for for the client. This all depends on skin and hair tone that the person already has, for every person it's different.

RLB: In what order to you do the different processes?

-I find that the best way is to start with 1.tint 2.waxing 3.shaping.

-When you tint the eyebrow 1st its best because you can pick up all the fine/fuzz/light hairs that are usually not seen, then you can start fresh, you can see what you are working with. Waxing 2nd after enables you to get a clean line after all the hair has come out after the tinting process. Shaping (tweezing) last is best to perfect the eyebrow because every hair makes a difference, which than gives you more control in tailoring to detail for your best shaped eyebrow.

RLB: What is your overall philosophy about shaping women's (and men's) eyebrows?

JG: There is something powerful about working with ones own aesthetic (eyebrows). To be able to use your own natural beauty and creativity will then bring out your true confidence and radiance. I like to work with people and there individual trends, what that person wants to express in that period of time, whether its drama, clean, messy, carefree, control...

That's when you start to work as a team, this is when I get inspired and start to get a clear vision of what shape works best.

I see in shapes so for me as a sculptor I like to talk with the person first, watch the movement of there face, look at there bone structure and get a sense of there personality, all these things come into play for each persons optimal eyebrows.

To nurture and respect your exterior beauty is of great importance as it is also on how beautiful we are on the inside, balance inside and out. Perception of beauty is when something is done well with love. In my opinion this is what happens when you get your brow done.

Tenoverten, is located at 112 Reade St. Call 212-406-1010 to book your brow shaping appointment with Jimena


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