Beauty Find - Clarins Instant Definition Mascara, Intense Black, Inc. Say your eyelashes are long, or even very long, but on the sparse/thin side. Well, a voluminizing mascara is just what you need. My latest find from Clarins the Clarins Instant Definition Mascara, is perfect for a perfectly defined, thicker lash look.

It's no surprise that Clarins has created a beautiful, glamorous, golden rectangular tube, but it's the brush that's very unique. It's a brush that is basically two brushes in one - with the base of the brush having a densely packed amount of brushes and the tip of the brush is very narrow with extremely tiny brushes. This allowed the mascara to literally reach each and every lash from the inner corners to the outer corners with ease.

The formula is wet, and went on smoothly. It dried very black and shiny and did not clump or flake. After 2 coats I looked like I had an extra strip of false eye lashes on. I really loved the look. However, if you want less volume for day, for instance, it's very easy to adjust the application e.g. one light coat, or just defining the outer and/or bottom lashes. The design of the brush and tube allowed me to pick up just the perfect amount of mascara each time which also sped up the application process since I didn't have to keep pushing the brush in for more/swipe off, etc.

The formula stayed soft on my lashes and was also pliable enough that if I wanted to add another coat to really make my eyes stand out later at night, I could do that without getting sticky, gummy lashes. This is a beautiful mascara that you'll love! - RLB

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*This product was provided by Clarins PR for reviewing purposes., Inc.

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