Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara: Better Than Pro Extensions?

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

In recent years, there's been a revived infatuation with lush, enhanced lashes... and I totally get it. I'll jump on any excuse to glue on some false lashes from the extensive collection that lives in my messy makeup case, and while I haven't sprung for professional extensions just yet, it's only out of laziness (and addiction to my aforementioned tried-and-true falsies), not lack of want! Enhanced lashes give that instant feminine look that make us feel automatically prettier, even if it's just brushing on a couple coats of mascara before heading to the grocery store. But what if you could have lush, lengthy lashes - rain or shine, wet or dry, no daily application needed? Lauded as one of Allure's Biggest Beauty Breakthroughs this year, Cry Baby Semi-Permanent Mascara gives you gorgeous fringe courtesy of custom-blended fibers applied by a trained professional, depending on your desired fullness, that lasts up to 2 weeks - no budging, no smudging, no harm to your natural lashes!

It's the perfect special-occasion pro treatment for brides (especially those prone to get emotional on their big day!) or vacationing beauties who can't afford to touch up their mascara every time they hit the beach! Plus, at a fraction of the cost of most lash enhancement treatments (depending on your local salon!), you can afford to pamper yourself within reason! As long as you don't mind sparing the 30 minutes for the initial application appointment, the time you'd normally spend applying regular ol' mascara for those 2 weeks can really add up!

- Alex Gambardella, Inc.

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