Fragrance Find - Diane Von Furstenberg 'Diane' Perfume Leave it to fashion visionary, legend and design master Diane Von Furstenberg to create her latest scent, Diane with the violet as a centerpiece.

There are certainly other scents which have violet in them, but not done quite this way - which allows not only the violet to have a "major moment", but also to give this scent an individuality which I found totally feminine and unique at the same time.

Diane worked with perfume veterans Chantal Roos and Aurelien Guichard to create this fully "grown up" perfume which also features frangipani blossoms and mossy woods.

What I was immediately struck with upon first applying the scent was how memorable it was. It didn't smell like anything else I have, and as the scent wore on, it actually became even more enchanting.
The scent begins with a heady floral/spicy mix that lingers on the skin but retains a light and soft feel.

The middle notes make it crisper and lighter still, along with chypre notes which make it sensual without ever being overbearing. You don't have to necessarily be a "patchouli" lover to embrace this scent (I'm not really), but the composition here is perfect. The scent lays on the skin in a lovely way and has very good staying power.
The dry down is beautiful - almost a completely different scent, soft and woody, but with a beautiful "crispness" to it.

The bottle has all the beautiful design qualities of Diane's collections - powerful, glamorous and feminine - it's one for the vanity and gift giving for sure.
This is perfectly wearable by day, but would make an amazing fragrance for dates and big nights out on the town when you really want to leave your mark on someone!

Diane will be part of a larger, upcoming DVF beauty line - and if it's anything like this scent, all of us beauty lovers are going to be in for quite a treat! - RLB

Fragrance Notes
Frangipani flower, Violet, Patchouli, Musks, Myrrh.

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This product was provided courtesy of DVF PR for reviewing purposes.