Get Baby-Smooth Skin Overnight With Nude Replenishing Night Oil

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

Let me guess - skin need a little TLC but don't have the time (or beauty budget) for a professional facial treatment? No problem! This handy night oil pampers your skin while you sleep! No joke. Nude Skincare's award-winning Replenishing Night Oil incorporates a complex blend of active oils to restore cellular function and nutrients and antioxidants to aid cell renewal and resist future damage.

With added fragrance notes of Tahitian vanilla and rose, just 2 drops of this restorative
night oil will ensure a soothing, relaxing overnight pamper treatment! Boasting noticeable and consistent results, your skin will be soft and smooth by morning (especially with continued use), whether you're looking to repair a damaged complexion, achieve a younger, restored appearance, or want to start taking preventive measures to keep your skin supple and looking fresh! Made especially for normal to dry skin, Nude Skincare's night oil will provide much-needed moisture and nutrients to parched summer skin and make you feel refreshed and revived!

- Alex Gambardella


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