Natural Hair Care Find - Chaz Dean Sixthirteen Conditioning Cleanser If you're not familiar with Chaz Dean's Wen line of hair care products which he developed in 1993, it created a new category of what he called "conditioning cleansers". They have a texture and feel more like a traditional conditioner, but they also cleanse gently like a shampoo with a wide variety of natural and organic ingredients. However, because of a lack of synthetic lathering agents, they are very "low sudsing".

His latest conditioning cleanser is called 6/13 (in honor of Chaz's mother's birthday). It's contains amino acids to help restore strength and elasticity, along with natural oils, lemon, rosemary, and vanilla bean and extracts like ginger, rosemary, lotus flower and ginseng deeply nourish the hair and scalp. It's gentle enough to be used every day, if you wish.

What is so amazing about this product, like Chaz's Wen products, is that it cleans completely without stripping hair at all. This product is so rich and hydrating, it's perfect for relaxed, color treated and very curly/kinky hair, as well as straighter textures that are dry. Sixthirteen doesn't make hair feel gummy, heavy or greasy, and after it is rinsed out, hair feels soft and smooth (tip: it's also a nice detangler mixed with a bit of water in a spray bottle!).

I think it's great (and a big time saver) to have one product that effectively does the cleansing and the conditioning.
While the product is used the way a traditional shampoo is, it's important to note that you will get your best results by using the product on hair that is fully and completely wet first. You must also follow the instructions for the number of pumps of product to use based on the length of your hair (this is a 32oz bottle, so there is a LOT of product inside). After applying, massage in, comb through with a wide tooth comb and and leave on for 3-5 min. You can also follow up after washing with more to use as a leave in conditioner.

If you can give up a "only big suds, big lather = clean hair" mindset, this is one of the best products I've discovered to keep your hair healthy and clean. - RLB

Chaz Dean Sixthirteen Conditioning Cleanser

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