Beauty Find - Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel


 I've recently discovered the infamous Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel Jar, 30 applications and added it to my daily skincare routine - STAT!

This two step peel really is a jack of all trades for the skin: it helps even skin tone, unclog pores, fight breakouts, improve fine lines and acne scars, lighten hyperpigmentation and give the skin an overall glow.

For those of you who might be concerned that this extra strength version will be too harsh or abrasive, you need not worry. The special combination of Alpha and Beta acids works instantly but still gently on the skin. The first step is a small round pad filled with clear liquid. I swiped the pad all over my face, paying particular attention to my T Zone. I continued applying until the pad felt dry, as per the directions. My face felt a slight tingle, but never burning or uncomfortable.

Next I waited the two minutes recommended, and then applied a pad from Step 2. This pad was also filled with a clear liquid and I applied it to my face until the pad felt dry. Once these steps were done, my skin felt fresh and glowing and never tight/dry or red.

I was free to move on to the rest of my skincare routine, and found that serums, treatments and moisturizers also seems to penetrate better as well.
The glow that my skin has after using this treatment is just amazing. I usually used them 3-4 times a week in the morning after cleansing, but they can be used more/less depending on your skin care concerns. After just a day or so of using it I could see a big difference in my skin.

After using these consecutively, I can honestly say that there were days that I felt completely comfortable just having a little concealer on with little to no foundation at all. This is another one of my skincare finds that will dig into the wallet a bit, but is such an effective and easy to use skincare multi-tasker, it is worth every penny! - RLB

This set contains: - 30 treatments of Extra Strength Step 1 - 30 treatments of Extra Strength Step 2

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*This product was provided courtesy of Dr. Dennis Gross PR for reviewing purposes.

Impulse Buy of the Week - Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

Under $20 Beauty Gift Buy! - new customer offer With all the holiday makeup collections that have come across my desk, here's one that really stood out. It's Lime Crime's ode to holiday magic, carnivals, candy apples and the joy of riding a carousel! Lime Crime Carousel Gloss is a holiday collection from the makeup mastermind, Doe Deer.

My favorite in the collection is the Candy Apple shade, which is also featured in their incredible collection poster (shown, left). It really is the essence of the finish and shade of a candied apple! It's a rich, incredible bright true red which has a semi-opaque finish similar to a liquid lipstick. The shine and sparkle are absolutely incredible, and yes do resemble a candy apple.

The formula is non-sticky, and very long lasting. While there will be some transfer while drinking/eating, I found that there's almost a stain like element to the gloss, as the candy apple red stayed on my lips throughout the night, and I just touched up to bring the sparkle back. There's no "sparkle drift" with this formula, so I never had to worry about sparkles ending up on other parts of my face, etc.

This is for when you want your mouth to really make the statement in your makeup look.
For those of you who love pretty packaging, Lime Crime has always done a great job with it for their products, but for the Carousel collection they've really done their best work yet - each lip gloss is in a beautiful purple foil box which actually looks like an antique merry-go-gound.

This gloss looks amazing on bare lips because of the amount of color, but if you really want to turn your look up a notch, you can also wear over a red or other dark lipstick. This is a limited edition holiday collection, so don't wait to order a few of these lip color lovers! - RLB

Lime Crime Carousel Gloss

*These products were provided courtesy of Lime Crime PR for reviewing purposes. - new customer offer

2011 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - mark Glitz and Gloss to Go set

Under $15 Gift Buy!

Save up to 50% in seasonal savings at! Here's a perfect beauty gift idea for the teen/tween in your life, or someone that likes to "keep it light" when out on the town!

The mark Glitz and Gloss to Go set is a cute sequined coin purse with key chain, that also hold four mini mark glosses in sheer, flattering shades from light pink to bronze to cherry red that will work for everyone. The glosses are hydrating and non-sticky as well.

The purse itself is big enough to hold a few more cosmetics, money/cards, id and all the glosses if desired.

Another bonus - you can mix and match shades and even give one or two to friends as a little gift as well.

The little key chain attached to the bag is very delicate, so it's not meant to hold a large amount/and or heavy keys, etc.

mark Glitz and Gloss to Go set

*This product was provided courtesy of mark cosmetics PR for reviewing purposes.

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Beauty Innovation - Proactiv X Out Wash-In Acne Treatment

Save up to 50% in seasonal savings at! If you frequently battle acne outbreaks (or have a teen in your life who does), X Out, by the makers of Proactiv, is a 1-step treatment that will truly change the way you treat acne. This product, which resembles a creamy, white "paste" out of the tube is a cleanser, mask and spot treatment all in one. This makes is a much easier to use product than many "systems" marketed to teens.

The first step is to wash your skin. With this product, for best results you must adhere to their direction of washing for 2 full minutes. Because of the smartly designed bottle and pump top, it was very easy to get the perfect amount of product out to begin. Note: (There's a QR code (which looks like a large bar code) stamped on each bottle.

Once you scan the code with your smart phone it takes you to a web address which runs a new video each time. The videos are exactly two minutes long. When it's done you can rinse the product off, and it really did make the time seem to pass quicker).
The product foams up mixed with water and gave me a bit of a exfoliating feel, but not quite as strong as an actual scrub. There is quite a bit of mint in the fragrance, and it also comes though in the tingly feeling it gave my skin (which I liked).

Once I finished washing and rinsed, my skin was soft, smooth and felt fresh and clean - but with no tight, dry feeling and no irritation. It's also gentle enough to use with sensitive skin and skin with significant outbreaks.

Depending on the amount and severity of your acne, you can then choose to use the product in the following ways:
As a mask, applying all over the face for 10 minutes and then rinsing off. You can do this a few times a week for additional treatment. As a spot treatment, which is great if you just have one or two pimples.

This can be put on pimples as an overnight treatment, which really dries them up well, or before applying makeup in the morning.
There's no question this is a significant advance in treating acne, and for teens, whom this is really marketed for, it's a perfect way to also introduce a good skin care routine into their lives (while also keeping the daily "pimple drama" to a minimum!). - RLB


*This product was provided courtesy of Proactiv PR for reviewing purposes.

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2011 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - Lady Gaga Workshop x Barneys Chocolate Lipstick

Under $20 Gift Buy!, Inc. The Lady Gaga Workshop x Barneys is truly a creative wonderland in terms of holiday gift shopping. The items they've come up with are really amazing to see.

But when I stumbled across these I knew I had to have them...and I'm sure a lot of you will want these too!

Perfect for the beauty (and chocolate) lover in your life, this set of two edible dark chocolate in lipstick tubes is such a treat! The set of 2 contains one red and one brown chocolate.

Even if you decide to save them as a collectible, they will look like a set of cool lip products in great packaging!

In addition to getting a completely unique holiday gift as an homage to the great Lady Gaga, you can also feel wonderful knowing that Barneys New York is donating 25% of sales from all items in Gaga's Workshop to the Born This Way Foundation.* - RLB

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*No portion of the purchase price is tax deductible., Inc.

2011 Holiday Beauty Gift Find - Laura Mercier Luxe Color Porfolio

Under $100 Gift Buy!, Inc. During the holidays, the best beauty brands come up with luxurious and beautiful cosmetic sets that also fulfill a real need.

I think the
Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio Luxe Colour Portfolio is a perfect combination of product, packaging and quality - and a great item to give to yourself or to someone who loves really great makeup that truly enhances your features (It's also a $225 value!).

Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio Luxe Colour Portfolio contains 6 eye shadows in a beautiful array of warm shades, including African Violet (violet copper shimmer), Merlot (burgundy wine) and Truffle (deep chocolate taupe). The shadows are silky, light with beautiful shimmer and pigment.

They all work together or alone and the Pony Tail mini brush (1 of 3 brushes included), is of fantastic quality and perfect to apply them with.
There are also 3 Tightline Cake Eye Liners in Ground Espresso (dark brown), Black Ebony (black), Burgundy Wine (deep burgundy). These have a slightly hard consistency, but they still glide onto the eyelid easily and do last all day with no budging, smudging or fading.

The shades again coordinate perfectly with any of the shadows to create very pretty eye looks.
There are 2 blushes in a lighter pink Rose Petal (fresh petal pink), and a deeper pink that darker and brown skin tones can wear well, City Pink (fuchsia pink). I love the sturdy quality of the palette case, and the beautiful snake print magnetic closure (although it doesn't function as a clutch, it looks good enough to double as one in your hand).

This is perfect for travel, and would just require bringing a foundation/tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip color and you're all set!

Set contains:

- 6 x 0.05 oz Eye Colours

- 3 x 0.04 oz Tightline Cake Eye Liners
- 2 x 0.12 oz Cheek Colours
- 3 x Mini Brushes (Pony Tail, Crease, Flat Eye Liner)

Laura Mercier Luxe Colour Portfolio Luxe Colour Portfolio

*This product was provided courtesy of Laura Mercier PR for reviewing purposes., Inc.

Warm Up With an Earthy Red Blush

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

I gotta admit, out of all the makeup I've collected over the years, from lipgloss and lipstick to eyeshadow, liners, mascara and beyond, blush is one thing I'm not totally addicted to. While I usually stick to shimmery highlighter or subtle bronzer for just the slightest luminizing glow, as the weather starts getting chillier, I do appreciate a rosy flush. There's something about the look of a wind-blown complexion that's sweet and pretty but still undeniably natural - but as any makeup maven knows, achieving that whole 'trying-without-looking-like-you're-trying' appearance can be harder than it looks!

So how do you achieve winter-festive rosy cheeks without looking like a porcelain doll - or worse - a clown? Look no further than an earthy
russet red blush. While in the compact, the shade looks a bit extreme and intimidating, but don't fret! You'll be surprised at how flattering and sheer the shade applies on your skin, especially after proper blending. 'Tis the season for gorgeous, winter flushed cheeks!

Pictured above: Alexandra de Markoff Outlasting Cream Blush in Real Red, NVEY Eco Powder Blush in Earth Red, Vincent Longo Water Canvas Blush in Tuscan Spell, and Origins Pinch Your Cheeks Blush in Brownberry. - Alex Gambardella

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Drugstore Buy of the Week - Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion, Extra Dry
Are cooler temps and drier air affecting your skin? Do you have constantly dry skin or live in a very cold, dry climate? Here's a way to keep your skin moisturized and in tip top shape on the cheap!

Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion, Extra Dry is the perfect consistency and performs as well as some body care that costs twice as much. It has a nice, silky feel, applies smoothly and absorbs instantly. The smell is very light, slightly fruity and fresh and non irritating. I used this on hands, feet and all over the body. It gave me all day hydration after a morning application.

It leaves a slight sheen on the skin, but is lightweight and never felt sticky or greasy. This is one of the best body care finds in the drugstore aisle right now, so pick up some for you and if you also have a family, this is perfect to share, as it works well for children too! - RLB

Go-->Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion, Extra Dry

This product was provided courtesy of Dial PR for reviewing purposes.

Beauty Find - Dolce + Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation

Dolce + Gabbana beauty is always a treat, and I'm so happy I've discovered their Dolce + Gabbana The Foundation Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation .

This foundation is housed in their trademark gilded gold metal screw top lid along with a heavy, beautifully crafted glass jar (this one is meant to display, I know). Once I opened it I could see that it really was a foundation formula that was "creamy" and luscious looking.
The color match was quite good (I used Soft Sable, which is the darkest shade in the range). This sank right into my skin, looking exactly like my skin. It didn't settle into pores or cause any oily/dry patches during the day. It also contains SPF 15, and I found that I got fantastic results even without wearing a primer underneath.

Since this is in a jar, to apply, I used the small spatula included in the box to apply a small amount to the back of my hand. I then used with a foundation brush. This is very concentrated, so no more than a dime's worth is needed for fairly full coverage (including the under eye area in lieu of concealer).

Once I applied the foundation on my skin it was actually quite a bit lighter in feel than the "mousse-like appearance" of the formula would suggest, which was nice.
This will work for medium to full coverage, and I really liked the finish, which I would say is semi-matte, but still gave a nice sheen to my skin. It did not clog my pores and had fantastic staying power throughout the day.

Since this seemed to be a nice balance between being hydrating and somewhat matte, I think this work work for normal, dry, and slightly oily/combination skin alike.
This is one of those foundations that is really meant for you to linger over applying a little longer than your usual foundation, enjoy and pamper your skin! - RLB

Dolce + Gabbana The Foundation Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation Soft Sable 180 1 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.

Fragrance Find - Thierry Mugler Womanity Le Goût du Parfum - Stocking Stuffers In my mind, if a fragrance house, designer, celebrity, etc. decides to create a different version (or flanker) of their original scent, then what Thierry Mugler has done with his Womanity Le Gout Du Parfum (The taste of fragrance) is probably one of THE best ways to do it.

Rather than just adjust a few top notes, or add more of the base notes, to suit a warmer or colder season, the holidays, etc. Thierry Mugler came up with the wonderful concept in which world of perfumes and the world of gourmet cuisine and taste come together.

Womanity is one of four fragrances of the house (Angel, Alien, A * Men are the other three) that were enriched with a gourmand note or "taste enhancer."*

The original version of Womanity is one of my favorite scents from the house of Mugler. It's a very rare "savory" fragrance with figs, caviar and marine notes. This limited edition is enhanced by the aroma of fig chutney sauce. Sound good? - Well it is!

With this new formula, the fig chutney notes add a sweetness that was not quite there before - and yet, it still retains a bit of that "savory" aspect that I think works so well in the original Womanity. The fragrance felt a bit warmer and more like a "jam or jelly" sweet, with a nice spice note running throughout. I also got amazing compliments when wearing this scent...

The dry down gets warmer and spicier, but the fig and jammy notes never goes over the top or get too sweet. It retains an airiness and a beautiful structure throughout. The staying power is all day as well.

It's the perfect blend of a gourmand scent that is exotic, grown up and sophisticated. It's a brilliant scent and one that will now be in my regular scent rotation! - RLB


Fragrance Notes

Top notes: citrus notes, green notes, fig chutney.

Heart: fig, caviar, marine notes.

Base: immortal, cedar, vetiver, opoponax.

Go-->Thierry Mugler Womanity Le Goût du Parfum

*Helene Darozze, one of the most famous French chefs, was asked to make recipes for Thierry Mugler treats. (The recipes can be found at the

**This product was provided courtesy of Womanity PR for reviewing purposes. - Stocking Stuffers

Beauty Find - SK-II Signs Eye Cream, Inc. If you're going to shell out the big bucks for an luxury eye cream, it needs to be worth it - believe me, I know.

I personally am a big believer in the Pitera that's featured in all of SK-II's products. This liquid that was originally generated from the fermented yeast to make sake, is rich in vitamins, organic and amino acids, and minerals.

SK-II Signs Eye Cream felt absolutely amazing going on. The texture is creamy, silky and "fluffy". I used just a tiny bit (about the size of a pea is enough for both eyes) and loved doing a little eye massage in the morning to increase circulation and brighten the eye area. Once I applied it to my skin, it absorbed quickly and completely with no trace of oil or grease.

This eye cream is best for those of you who have overall good skin tone and not too many other "eye issues" (deep wrinkles, very dark circles, etc), but rather want overall hydration, brightening and of course, a little self-pampering luxury in your daily skin care routine. - RLB

Go-->SK-II Signs Eye Cream

*This product was provided courtesy of SK-II PR for reviewing purposes., Inc.