Beauty Find - Dolce + Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation

Dolce + Gabbana beauty is always a treat, and I'm so happy I've discovered their Dolce + Gabbana The Foundation Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation .

This foundation is housed in their trademark gilded gold metal screw top lid along with a heavy, beautifully crafted glass jar (this one is meant to display, I know). Once I opened it I could see that it really was a foundation formula that was "creamy" and luscious looking.
The color match was quite good (I used Soft Sable, which is the darkest shade in the range). This sank right into my skin, looking exactly like my skin. It didn't settle into pores or cause any oily/dry patches during the day. It also contains SPF 15, and I found that I got fantastic results even without wearing a primer underneath.

Since this is in a jar, to apply, I used the small spatula included in the box to apply a small amount to the back of my hand. I then used with a foundation brush. This is very concentrated, so no more than a dime's worth is needed for fairly full coverage (including the under eye area in lieu of concealer).

Once I applied the foundation on my skin it was actually quite a bit lighter in feel than the "mousse-like appearance" of the formula would suggest, which was nice.
This will work for medium to full coverage, and I really liked the finish, which I would say is semi-matte, but still gave a nice sheen to my skin. It did not clog my pores and had fantastic staying power throughout the day.

Since this seemed to be a nice balance between being hydrating and somewhat matte, I think this work work for normal, dry, and slightly oily/combination skin alike.
This is one of those foundations that is really meant for you to linger over applying a little longer than your usual foundation, enjoy and pamper your skin! - RLB

Dolce + Gabbana The Foundation Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation Soft Sable 180 1 oz

*This product was provided courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana PR for reviewing purposes.


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