Beauty Innovation - Proactiv X Out Wash-In Acne Treatment

Save up to 50% in seasonal savings at! If you frequently battle acne outbreaks (or have a teen in your life who does), X Out, by the makers of Proactiv, is a 1-step treatment that will truly change the way you treat acne. This product, which resembles a creamy, white "paste" out of the tube is a cleanser, mask and spot treatment all in one. This makes is a much easier to use product than many "systems" marketed to teens.

The first step is to wash your skin. With this product, for best results you must adhere to their direction of washing for 2 full minutes. Because of the smartly designed bottle and pump top, it was very easy to get the perfect amount of product out to begin. Note: (There's a QR code (which looks like a large bar code) stamped on each bottle.

Once you scan the code with your smart phone it takes you to a web address which runs a new video each time. The videos are exactly two minutes long. When it's done you can rinse the product off, and it really did make the time seem to pass quicker).
The product foams up mixed with water and gave me a bit of a exfoliating feel, but not quite as strong as an actual scrub. There is quite a bit of mint in the fragrance, and it also comes though in the tingly feeling it gave my skin (which I liked).

Once I finished washing and rinsed, my skin was soft, smooth and felt fresh and clean - but with no tight, dry feeling and no irritation. It's also gentle enough to use with sensitive skin and skin with significant outbreaks.

Depending on the amount and severity of your acne, you can then choose to use the product in the following ways:
As a mask, applying all over the face for 10 minutes and then rinsing off. You can do this a few times a week for additional treatment. As a spot treatment, which is great if you just have one or two pimples.

This can be put on pimples as an overnight treatment, which really dries them up well, or before applying makeup in the morning.
There's no question this is a significant advance in treating acne, and for teens, whom this is really marketed for, it's a perfect way to also introduce a good skin care routine into their lives (while also keeping the daily "pimple drama" to a minimum!). - RLB


*This product was provided courtesy of Proactiv PR for reviewing purposes.

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A.E. said...

This sounds like it would work. If I get acne, this is probably the product I would try.