Fragrance Find - Thierry Mugler Womanity Le Goût du Parfum - Stocking Stuffers In my mind, if a fragrance house, designer, celebrity, etc. decides to create a different version (or flanker) of their original scent, then what Thierry Mugler has done with his Womanity Le Gout Du Parfum (The taste of fragrance) is probably one of THE best ways to do it.

Rather than just adjust a few top notes, or add more of the base notes, to suit a warmer or colder season, the holidays, etc. Thierry Mugler came up with the wonderful concept in which world of perfumes and the world of gourmet cuisine and taste come together.

Womanity is one of four fragrances of the house (Angel, Alien, A * Men are the other three) that were enriched with a gourmand note or "taste enhancer."*

The original version of Womanity is one of my favorite scents from the house of Mugler. It's a very rare "savory" fragrance with figs, caviar and marine notes. This limited edition is enhanced by the aroma of fig chutney sauce. Sound good? - Well it is!

With this new formula, the fig chutney notes add a sweetness that was not quite there before - and yet, it still retains a bit of that "savory" aspect that I think works so well in the original Womanity. The fragrance felt a bit warmer and more like a "jam or jelly" sweet, with a nice spice note running throughout. I also got amazing compliments when wearing this scent...

The dry down gets warmer and spicier, but the fig and jammy notes never goes over the top or get too sweet. It retains an airiness and a beautiful structure throughout. The staying power is all day as well.

It's the perfect blend of a gourmand scent that is exotic, grown up and sophisticated. It's a brilliant scent and one that will now be in my regular scent rotation! - RLB


Fragrance Notes

Top notes: citrus notes, green notes, fig chutney.

Heart: fig, caviar, marine notes.

Base: immortal, cedar, vetiver, opoponax.

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*Helene Darozze, one of the most famous French chefs, was asked to make recipes for Thierry Mugler treats. (The recipes can be found at the

**This product was provided courtesy of Womanity PR for reviewing purposes. - Stocking Stuffers


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