Get The Perfect Manicure With a Ridge Filler Base Coat

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Unless you're a do-it-yourself pro when it comes to self-manicuring in the comfort of your own home, chances are that your nails never look quite as perfect as they do when you take the time and money to splurge for a salon treatment. It's not just their perfectly even application or their pro tools or their glistening top coat.... it's the fact that nail technicians also take the time to even out your nails' surface before applying color. Your own natural nails are prone to imperfections like tiny bumps, ridges, and cracks, which can easily interfere with the smoothness of your color's application, no matter how practiced and steady your hand!

Help fix that problem and achieve a smoother, professional-looking coat of color with a ridge-filler base coat. It not only helps strengthen and condition the nail plate for a longer, chip-resistant wear, but it also fills in ridges and erases imperfections on the nail's surface to create an even base for your manicure. Assuming you have the patience to do your own nails on a regular basis (or at least invite a friend over to do it for you), you may never visit a salon again!

From left to right: Deborah Lippmann Ridge Filler Base, Essie 'Fill the Gap!' Ridge Smoothing Base Coat, and Dior Diorlisse Nail Ridge Filler.

- Alex Gambardella

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