Stella McCartney Gets Spring-Festive (Already!) With The Print Fragrance Collection

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

As much as I love the cozy knitwear, comfort foods, warm cocoa, and cocktail parties that the wintry holiday season brings, I'd be lying if I said I don't miss the spring and summer seasons on a regular basis. Especially now that all the runways are in Spring/Summer 2012 collection mode, and all of last season's warm-weather fare is on major sale right now, it's hard not to feel wistful about warmer times past and future.

But don't worry - you can still dive head-first into nostalgia and embrace a little bit of spring without looking like an out-of-season freak, courtesy of Stella McCartney's festive new Print Collection fragrances! The designer's signature floral scent now comes adorned in three prints from her recent Spring/Summer collection. It's the perfect gift for any fashion addict who loves to coordinate their fragrance to their designer duds... or of course, just a little somethin'-somethin' to cheer yourself up during these winter blues!

- Alex Gambardella, Inc.


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