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In this series of beauty & personal care product finds - Super Cute! - I'll be telling you about products which have innovative, artistic, fantasy, child-like, vintage and/or retro themes and an "irresistible" quality to them!

These make perfect little splurges and gifts for yourself or for the girly girl (or someone youthful in spirit!) in your life too., Inc. Stuck in a beauty rut? Want a fun new look for a party? These new Violent Lips TemporaryLip Tattoos Glitteratti may be just what you need - but read on for the details first...

These work similarly to other adhesive tattoos for the body, but with a few important differences.

First, make sure your lips are well exfoliated and do NOT add lip balm, gloss, etc. afterwards.
Next, it is essential that you take the time to trim them to fit your lips.Take your time and place them on your lips (apply them to your lips in a "stretched out" position, such as a small smile), and this is where you'll see where you may have to do some additional trimming.

After measuring, you're ready to apply, so you just take off the clear plastic film and apply the tattoo (pattern down) on the lips. They are very sticky, so they don't slip off lips. Then you take a damp sponge or cloth and wet lips to let set.

This does take some time, (and for me it took two tries before I got them the way I wanted), but, they are really fun once you get the hang of it. To remove, just apply baby oil and let sit for a few minutes to dissolve and scrub with a damp cloth. One nice surprise is that you can add a little (non oily or shiny) lip balm over it to give lips some additional moisture without removing the tattoo.

Once they are on they stay ON for hours, which is a great feature. Even after drinking they stayed in place for me. This is a fun idea for holiday parties where you'll be taking lots of pictures, or a hot date when you want to walk in with a memorable look! Two of my favorite designs are above. - RLB

Each pack includes 3 appliques

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos Glitteratti

*This product was provided courtesy of Violent Lips PR for reviewing purposes.

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Unknown said...

Violent Lips work very well! I used the Leopard design last weekend at a party, and they lasted all night. I highly recommend everyone trying them out :)