Clinique Lid Smoothie: Cooling Cream Shadow With Just a Dash of Sparkle

This guest post is courtesy of Thefind

I'm not afraid to admit that cooling makeup products always kind of freaked me out. It's one thing to have skin care products that create a cooling sensation (after all, I could always hastily wipe it off when the tingling got a little too weird for me), but makeup that feels icy-cool? Sure, sounds refreshing in theory... but also a little unnecessary, and unwanted for people with sensitive eyes like me.

Clinique Lid Smoothie is starting to win me over. Okay, I actually think I'm in love! It's one of the few cream shadows I've tried that actually really does stay put like it claims. It's soft and shimmery, blends easily and and feels totally lightweight but not greasy, and has impressive color pay-off that you don't often get from such a weightless formula that feels this weightless. The cooling sensation is practically nonexistent, but still feels refreshing upon application. And the added bonus? It works great as a primer, too, so you can layer with other shades and have a gorgeous shimmery winter look, crease-free!

- Alex Gambardella, Inc.

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